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Church Membership is a public statement of one’s commitment to an organization. It is a statement of belief in what the organization stands for and indicates a desire for involvement. Specifically for a local church, there are a number of reasons why a Christian should go beyond involvement and join the membership. Here are a few…

1. Full Identification with the Church – Jesus often spike of the importance of being identified with Him as His disciple. Church membership can be part of that process. Membership is a public statement of allegiance to a church, signifying agreement with what the church believes and values.

2. Accountability to the Church – Being a member means being willing to live by the beliefs and standards of the church. It means abiding by the church’s constitution and bylaws, and submitting to the leadership’s authority. Membership includes accountability, which is essential for maintaining purity within the church. Without membership it is very difficult to exercise church discipline or to hold people accountable to the standards of the church.

3. Accountability and care within the Church – Membership clarifies the primary group of people for whom the church is most responsible when it comes to care and concern. Those who are members are also more accountable to care for each other.

4. Responsibility for the Church – A member not only enjoys the blessings and benefits of being part of the church, but also accepts the responsibility for helping to fulfill the vision and ministries of the church. When a person is accepted into the church’s membership, that new member needs to be involved in the church, such as serving in the programs, attending faithfully, praying, caring for others, participating in congregational meetings, giving financial support, and making oneself available for leadership