What’s Happening

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Wednesday Night Ministries:
(September through May)

Currently on Summer break. 

Will resume Sept. 11th.


    • Bell Choir Rehearsal (See “Music Ministries”) (Practice switched to Monday Nights @ 6pm)
    • Sonbeams (See “Children’s Ministries”)
    • Club Paidione (See “Children’s Ministries”)
    • Wednesday Night Youth Group
    • Adult Bible Study ClassStrange Fire Conference by Grace to You Ministries; A detailed evaluation of the doctrines, claims and practices of the modern charismatic movement in comparison to the true ministry and person of the Holy Spirit.  Are healings, tongues and “new” revelations from God still active today?  Are there modern “Apostles” that God has “anointed”?  Is there a proverbial “baby” to be saved in the bathwater?  Come and learn the answers.


Mark your Calendar!

Here are some upcoming events at E-Free Church. These events are open to all.
Feel free to call the church if you would like more information!


  • June 24th – 28th – Vacation Bible Camp – for children who just completed grades 1 – 5
  • June 30th – 9 am Worship Service, Romans 12:3-8; “I’m Saved! Now What?”
  • The question every Christina needs to ask is this:  “Now that I’m saved, what’s next?” In view of the many mercies of God (Rom. 1-11), the apostle Paul urged his Christian readers to give their bodies to God, to give their minds to God, and to give their wills to God (Rom. 12:1-2).  Sunday’s message will show us what that looks like in the context of serving others with spiritual gifts.
  • July 7th – 9 am Worship Service; Romans Continued
  • July 10th & 11th – Youth Lock-In
  • July 14th – 9 am Worship Service; Romans Continued
  • July 16th – Board of Directors Meeting @ 6 pm; If you have items that need to be addressed, contact Andy Johnson (715.421.9725)
  • July 21st – 9 am Worship Service; Romans Continued (Be Still Retreats Update)
  • July 28th – 9 am Worship Service; Romans Continued
  • Sept. 11th – First day of Mid-week ministries!!